Custom Flowers

Oopsy Daisy Deals – BOGO Buy One, Give One!

Here’s the deal – we over-ordered some of our flowers and now you can take them off our hands and put them into someone else’s. Buy one flower or bouquet and get another of equal value to GIVE AWAY to someone else. Deal? 🙂

Here are our Oopsy Daisy Deals:

Single Blooms

  • Birthday (Hard Candy or Earl Grey)
  • Cheer Up (romeo blue)
  • Bloom with Success (Electric Boogablue)
  • Get Well (Sunshiny Day)
  • Sympathy (Romeo Blue)
  • Congrats New Baby (LA Lemonade, Glamorous Life)
  • Baby Shower Game (romeo blue)
  • Congrats Engagement (Passion, <3 the limelife)

Bouquets (12 blooms in one bouquet)

  • Baby Shower Game (Sunshiny Day)
  • Bridal Shower Game (romeo blue)
  • Bachelorette Party Game R (Glamorous Life, Electric Boogablue)
  • Bachelorette Party Game PG (<3 the limelife, Electric Boogablue)

For every order, Flirty Flower will choose the other for you to give away. How sweet is that?