Sympathy Message Flirty Flower

Why Flirty Flower?

It’s all about gratitude. Gratitude for the small moments that make up each and every day. Gratitude for the big moments that mark the passing of the years.

Since the beginning of my yoga studies, I’ve been focused on cultivating compassion and seeking out moments of mindfulness. For the past five years, two months, three days and counting, I’ve had a gratitude practice, exchanging at least one grateful with a friend every day, without fail. This practice has changed the way I live, encouraging me to dig deeper and find enjoyment in moments that might otherwise go by unnoticed. Flirty Flower is the physical extension of my gratitude practice.

Flirty Flower has taken some twists and turns over the years, with the path changing quite unexpectedly and all at once. For awhile, I questioned the new path and pondered the fork in the road. Then, it hit me. I could see clearly and beautifully that the path for Flirty Flower and the journey of Flirty Flower were now, quite simply, mine.

And the path forward became even clearer: I can pave the path back to the essence of why I created Flirty Flower in the first place.

A Flirty Flower is a unique way to communicate – that is what they do. But, really, what is a Flirty Flower?

It’s JOY.
It’s FUN.
It’s LOVE.

I invite you to join me on my journey to spread joy and choose love, especially when it’s least expected.

It’s as simple as that.