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Bachelorette Blooms – Rated PG (electric boogablue)


A rated PG version of a fun and flirty bouquet for a night out on the town! Get the party started by revealing each flower’s wild dare and having the bride-to-be and the fellow party goers act them out for an unforgettable night of laughs. (Dares are available rated PG or outrageous R.)

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Each Bachelorette Blooms bouquet features a beautiful arrangement of one dozen colorful Flirty Flowers. Open them up and the flowers are full of fun dares (available in PG or blush-worthy R versions) that are sure to get the party started! Hilarity ensues when guests take part in the risqué (or tame) activities.

One Flirty Flower bouquet includes 6 short (8” high) and 6 tall (11” high) flowers covered with fun designs. Packaged in a crush-proof box, your bouquet will come fully assembled and ready to party. The paper flowers come in a variety of patterns, including dots, flowers and stars. Flirty Flower provides up to 24 PG-rated and 24 R-rated dares to create up to four unique bouquets.

Sample PG-rated Dares:
Practice walking down the aisle with a stranger.
Someone needs some primping! Put lipstick on another person without using your hands.

Sample R-rated Dares:
Flash the room. Extra points if someone gives you beads!
Have a guy guess the color of your underwear. (Correct? Buy him a drink. Not wearing any? Have him buy you a drink, you dirty dog!)

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Electric Boogablue


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